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Looking for a professional photographer? Do you live in North Carolina? IceDragonz Photography is a professional photography service that enjoys the thrill and experience of taking your photographs. Your photographer is a very fun and out going guy that love what he does and sees the world in a vibrant way. 

The moments of life are limited by time but when photographing,those moments are limitless. The work that is put into each photograph is something very special. From the moment that the shutter is pressed towards the photograph is being printed out is a magical wonders of displaying memories. The coolest part that photography offers is meeting new people while witnessing their special moments and getting to see and travel the world in different ways you'd normally never thought you would. The primary goal for IceDragonz Photography is to allow you to reflect and cherish your specific moment years, decades or even generations later all over again. If you're feeling comfortable around the camera and very pleased with the final edits and excited to work again for more, then the mission to bring your memories to you is complete.  

IceDragonz Photography is based and located in the capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh. As mentioned, traveling is one of the coolest perks for being a photographer. The farther the destination the more exciting the journey! 

Popular Choices

A few of the more common types of photography.



Available at most conventions in the Raleigh area. Photoshoots can take place at the convention centers. Also available at client's desired locations outside of conventions.


Fairy Light Photography

The usage of fairy lights in a low lighting setting. The subject is holding the lights to give a vibrant shot.



Senior (High school/College) Graduation, Personal, Pets, Family, Couples.

Regular Sessions

Sessions are 1 Hour


Convention Sessions

Sessions are a 30 minutes



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