Who Am I?

Quinton McLeod (The Photographer)

I am the photographer and founder of IceDragonz Photography! Born on February 15th, 1998 in the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina. My Passion from photography originally started out from doing mediocreVlogs and taking photos at small conventions. I really think that photographs are memories that can even transcend throughout many lifetimes. This is why I really adore photography so much. I am all self-taught and will learn new things as I continue my journey as a photographer.

My Gear

Here are all the camera equipment that I work with on a regular basis.

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This is the camera that I started out with and currently using. The Sony Alpha 6000. This is my first camera I ever used with no knowledge of photography. After Supercon 2018 I lost this camera (misplaced it) and started to save money to buy another one. It took over 5 months to save up and buy the exact same one. During the time I was saving up money for a new camera I started doing research, reading books and watching videos about photography and learning new things. Once I got my new Sony Alpha 6000 for the second time I was ready to start taking photography seriously and to use my new techniques that I learn from my hiatus. So without me losing my camera back then who knows what my photography would look like today. All in all the Sony Alpha 6000 is an excellent camera and if you are new or want to get into photography like I did, I would highly recommend you save money for this camera!

This is the kit lens or the "starter" lens that will come with the Sony Alpha 6000 camera. The kit lens is what I typically would use for wider angle shoots such as a group shoot. This is a wonderful lens and it comes in handy for those wide angle situations.

This prime lens is currently my favorite lens so far. This is the lens you will see myself using in almost every shoot session. The 50mm is perfect for portraits, combining the low aperture of 1.8 for that insane depth of field that many of you seen throughout most of my photos. If I am using this lens 80% of the time im using this lens with my aperture opened to 1.8. This lens is also great for night/lowlight photography while the aperture of the camera is opened at it widest, it allows more light to go inside the camera. The wider/lower the aperture the more light that is allowed to travel inside the camera.

Prime lens which is similar to the Sony 50mm F1.8 with a bit wider of a focal length of 30mm and the lowest set aperture to f1.4 giving an even more in depth field of view of the subject. This lens is great for full body portraits and really practical in low light environments. 

Using this lens is great for longer distances. This telephoto lens is one I would typically would use for the outdoors, whether it is for a sporting event or nature shooting for getting closer up to animals that are very afar without disturbance. This is a lens that I enjoy using in those circumstances. The only issue I have is it's not everyday that I will use this lens but when I do, that's where the fun begins and i'm excited to see the results.

                                                    ESDDI Lighting Kit

This product is what I use for my backdrop photography shoot sessions. Everything that is displayed on the picture is what came in the box. For what is all included, the pricing is very cheap in the market. This product is a must-buy for photographers wanting to start backdrop shooting. Examples of my work on backdrop photography can be seen HERE.

                                 GODOX AD200 Off-Camera Flash

The GODOX AD200 is an off-camera flash that best used in low lighting situations and during harsher sun conditions. This allows the photographer to produce crisper shots during the day, especially around golden hour time. The AD200 is ideally great during night photography where light is very limited. Whenever there is a night session this will almost always be your photographer's best friend.